Sucess Sutra From Bhagvad Gita

Do you believe that life is just two sides of a coin? All you need to do is to toss it, and rest is your luck you may get head or tail. Are you one of those who thinks that failure and success are just a matter of luck like a tossed coin. Sometimes you get success and other times you may have to face failure  
So where do you find success? On the internet? You may scroll 100’s of motivational quotes about success and can boost morale. But hey tell me the truth aren’t you still standing there and waiting and waiting and waiting for someone who can hold your hand and can take you on the road that finally leads to success & happiness. Success & happiness since both are relative you won’t mind if I shuffle between using the word happiness & success.     
Since you have started looking for success you already have won half of the battle. It always starts like that remember the famous old saying ‘keep on seeking you shall find’ (tried to find the quote reference believe me a hell of a job there are so many versions to it )
someone also said, “Success is going from failure to failure without losing the enthusiasm.” this is one of the most important motivational or success quotes that you might have come across this holds the key to secret if someone can just tell you how to do it … and guess I can just see that you are still having the same feeling of standing in between the crossroad and waiting for someone and yelling in your mind “Hey dude I have already read all that crap on hundred’s blog would you gonna tell me the real thing or shall i jump on the next blog… just tell me what I really need to do get success in my life. Tell me what I need to do don’t just brag the bogus philosophy give me some action.  
Well, hold on buddy just two or three more lines. I promise this will be the most amazing, practical guidance you will ever come across and that’s too for free… This discourse happened five thousand years before between Arjuna & Krishna and that too on the battel ground of holy land Kurukshetra.  
Arjuna was on the battleground to fight against the mischievous villain of the history he was way bigger then GALACTUS, ABRAXAS or MIKABOSHI and unlike all of them he was for real and every Indian on the earth including a ten-year-old kid knows about him they call him Duryodhana.  Duryodhana was an incarnation of Kaliyuga (The propagator of darkness ) you click here to read more about Kaliyuga   So this guy Durodhana & his mighty army supported by his teacher -grandfather Bhishma and 100’s his brother were now facing war because Duryodhana rejected all the peacemaking formulas and due to this Yudhistra- Arjun -Bheema & Krsna had to go for the war as this was the only way left to establish the Dharma. 
But just before the war actually on the very first day of the battle Arjuna just said that he didn’t want to fight the war. And among the very reason, the one reason was that he wasn’t sure if he going to win or not? And will it be a good idea to fight against his kins, friends, and teachers?  Arjuna was in a miserable condition. He was unable to decide what is good for him. So he asks helps from Lord Krishna who is the Supreme Personality of Godhead a perfect person to seek help from.   And Krishna gives the following tips to overcome from depressing, anxiety so that success thrives at his feet. If you apply these strategies from Bhagavad Gita you too can achieve success.   
Accepting the Failure & Bonafide Master The first and foremost way to become a success is to seek help from those who are experts in their area. But even before that is to accept that failing is not bad and it can be shared with the people that you trust in. When Arjuna was in trouble and unable to decide what is good or bad for him. When clouds of doubt surrounded him he discussed it with his dear most friend Krishna. In Bhagavad Gita 2.7 Mighty Arjuna the first-class warrior first accepts that due to his weakness he has lost all of his composers leading towards the confusion of about his duty and further he decided to surrender to Krsna by becoming his disciples 
In our daily life, we become very much afraid of discussing our weaknesses even with our family members, spouse, and friends. We mistrust ourselves, friends and colleagues, and ignore our problems causing the continues distress leading us towards the confusion about our duties. This state of confusion drives us towards the wrong decision which fails us in our action.    
By applying this sutra from Bhagavad Gita we need to look around for the best friend around us and should seek help from them by submitting ourselves with an intent to learn new things. This will open new horizons and you will find the sharing opens the hearts, it revives our relationship and builds a path for a long happy journey called success.  
 Lord Krishnas the ultimate friend of all living beings and He is the most ancient master (Krsna Vande Jagat Guru) by meditating upon this shloka and on Krsna, he will surely guide us towards  
 Change is Inevitable Learn to tolerate it 
Bhagavad Gita verses 2.14 provides an immediate remedy to our worries and anxiety. What we seeing here in this world is just opposite to what it is in reality. In this verse, Lord Krsna tells us that the appearance and disappearance of happiness and distress are just winters and summer seasons they come and they are nonpermanent.   Likewise, success and failure both are nonpermanent. A perfect well-composed personality is a must for continued success. A real successful person understands that nothing is permanent here in this material world so he maintains his composer he never gets disturbed if he fails and during the times of success as well he tolerates the happiness and remains humble always. Because he understands that during difficult times he just needs to tolerate and during good times too he needs to tolerate his false ego and practice to become more humble. So learn to tolerate the change. 
03 Attachment is a stumbling block to your success  
Well, that’s the most famous verse of Bhagavad Gita everyone knows about credit goes to B.R.Chopra’s super hit television show Mahabharata and its title credit song. But very few can understand its essence and apply it in a practice environment.  
2.47 says a verse of Bhagavad Gita says do not become attached with the fruits of action. We all have to play a different role in society. And we are responsible for performing some duties and entitle to some results. We have a right on the performing the duty but we don’t have the right on the result it may be as per our expectations or beyond our expectations.   The over-attachment to result brings unnecessary conflicts and stress not just on yourself but others as well. As a parent, your attachment to the result of your child exam may destroy his whole personality. As a leader of an organization, too much attachment to result may discourage the fellow employees and turn into a higher ratio of job dissatisfaction.  
By knowing this factor that we don’t have control over results we must put all on performing our duties and must learn to respect whatever result we may have. In a case of a good result, we must become humble and thankful to Krsna and in a case of beyond expectations or a failure, we must again thank Lord Krsna for providing us the wisdom to tolerate it as we now know that nothing is permanent in this world.  
4  Set higher standards of performing duties 
If shouting success songs from a cliff or reading success quotes are not much help you must open Bhagavad Gita verse’s number 3.21.  Krsna sets a clear doctrine for the leaders for any arena. And it applies to all you may a teacher, business owner, a parent or an employee in an organization.  Verses say ” Whatever action is performed by a leader common man follows the same. Whatever standard you set for yourself will be followed by your team.  If you want your team to be right on time you cannot arrive late in your office in-fact you need to be 5 minutes early than everyone else. If Arjuna being a leader is not supposed to give up his duties as others will follow his example. As a leader, you must set higher standards first for yourself and then things will start falling in the right place. This approach and Sutra will help you and your business to grow more.  
5 Spend some time doing meditation 
Looks like a fancy word Meditation but Krsna is purposing this practice so it can’t be wrong why because Krishna is all perfect and knowledge coming directly from Supreme Personality of Godhead.  So Krsna in 6.35 tells us the importance of a focused mind as a restless mind is always disturb and inattentive. It can create delusions that can make you do things that are not important. Procrastination is the disease of a restless mind and a big problem in achieving your goals. And Mind can be controlled by Meditation.  A simple Mantra Chanting like “Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Ram Hare Ram Ram Ram Hare Hare” can help you in controlling the mind. It has helped thousands of people including me the writer of this blog post. There is another way that is also available like Parnyaam but Mantra Japa is the best and easy way to focus the mind on transcendental vibration. These few minutes of exercise will help you to become focused on your goals and being focused on your goal is the one the most important factor in your success.  
Bhagavad Gita is full of such sutras that can bring amazing changes to your life for good. This ancient wisdom is available for all of us without the difference of caste, religion, and nation. I have got Bhagavad Gita as it is a commentary by A.C.Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada which is very authentic and largest selling Bhagavad Gita in the world. Here is the Amazon link to buy this Bhagavad Gita 
So hey I am your friend Abhishek Bhardwaj. Just let me know what you feel about Bhagavad Gita and these success sutras. If you liked the article subscribe to our email letter and do share this with your friends