HG Basu Ghosh Prabhu speaks about HH Bhakti Vikasa Swami Maharaj

H.H. Bhakti Vikas Swami first came to Baroda. I guess it was 1991 and he took sannyasa around that time maybe one or two years earlier and he was traveling in different temples traveling
to different temples and he wasn’t happy.

with the different places that he went to he was also suffering physically some ailments which have dogged him for most of his adult life and he came here and we welcomed him and he stayed here for the better part of two-three years like 1991 -92 and 93 he took some Ayurvedic
treatments, the election in the college we did college programs, he did.

H.H.Bhakti Vikas Swami Maharaj

Coupled college students joined one both of them are no longer here one has left this world, Maharaj used to write his books he into his research work the Bhakti Siddhanta Vaibhav on the biography of His Divine Grace Srila Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati Thakur he started the research at that time and the research went on for 20 years before he published the
He restricted his travel at that time and he participated in the Rath Yatras which He continues till today for Baroda Rath Yatra he comes every year but he doesn’t spend the bulk of his time in Gujarat these days in the 1990s he continued after Baroda he spent considerable time in Ahmedabad, Surat,

He inspired his certain section of disciples to distribute books published a Gujarati Bhavgvad Darshan action and he started regained his health and started traveling around the world he traveled to in Russia since every Year for many years once a year Eastern Europe UK then he started one of the United States also we used to live very simply over here in the corner it’s hard to remember for me all of the day-to-day things it’s hard to remember all of the day-to-day things I mean he also spent time there was a disciple whose father had her which at the time was called the lemon garden.
It was a cultural block outside of the town and he used to spend days there he has very sensitive hearing and because of dogs would bark in the night so he wasn’t able to sleep properly that was a complaint here that was a complaint in the lemon garden and in a lot of places he’s got it he wears a big blocker they, call it which is to stifle the noise. Coming in through the years at night, you know it’s kind of a rare thing.

because most people don’t have that difficulty but some people have that
he’s been lecturing since the day one and he learned Bengali first because of he was in Bangladesh in the 1980s for nine years that was his first Indian language Bengali and then, later on, he picked up Hindi he didn’t pick up Gujarati because of everyone the cosmopolitan, the big cities people speak Hindi.

So he started lecturing in Hindi which, he continues to do till today when he visits these places Hindi speaking he’s a tireless preacher, never gives up he inspired quite a few people to join, now the numbers of disciples had grown it’s been a fruit of 25 years of preaching in this area oh what can I say, early days I… I don’t remember all the details I remember that we used to go in those hospitals twice a week in early 1990 lucky somehow other youth preaching is going on that’s all for this time maybe another time …