In search of True knowledge- Absolute Knowledge-100%
Gurukul started by Srila Prabhupada to give True Knowledge in early age

In search of True knowledge- Absolute Knowledge-100%

It was clear that my material education could not give solution to my problems, I clearly in need of some other education. What's that knowledge by which all my problems will end ? What's that knowledge, by knowing which nothing left to be known? Who possesses all the knowledge and is also willing to share it with me ?

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In Search of True Love

By engaging our tongue in the service of the lord, by chanting his names, tasting only what is first offered with love to him and by avoiding 4 types of sinful activities (illicit sex, gambling, meat eating, intoxication), we can hope to learn to love Krishna and every living entity in its truest sense.

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Krsna Consicouness & Humantiarism

In the absence of real purpose of life i.e. "simple living high thinking", we have been pushed to live an artificial life created with artificial desires of consumerism. A few years back most of our population were farmers and had plenty of food in the form of grains, milk, ghee, and livestock of animals, all of this made us real rich and happy. But after the industrial revolution, we've been told that buying a Nirma Super Powder and Washing machines will bring happiness, going to the moon and creating space stations, cars, and industry development being referred to as helping the humanity while the real problems like - Disease, old age, Death were pushed back to the corners as scientists were unbaled find any solutions to these real problems.

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Slaughterhouse Education

What is the meaning of education? Is education is associated with only survival in this world? If that is the case then animals don’t take any form of formal education as we take in schools, college, but still, nature provides them everything and they are able to survive easily.

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Uncomfortable? Still you should go.

This is the first reason why devotees living in cities try to avoid going to the farm community. Devotees think that they are living in a city for so many years and suddenly without all comforts of the city, they would not be able to perform devotional activities with a healthy state of mind. 

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Are we the only one doing? Farm Community Project Success

Srila Prabhupada wanted to establish Farm Communities on a Larger Scale . But generally devotees do not act or even do not discuss on this topic.Now if someone tries to discuss on Farm Community Projects, fellow devotees say that why only our community want this strange idea to be implemented because no one else is doing it or even bothered to discuss it.

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