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श्रद्धा से भक्ति और भक्ति से परम कल्याण । लेकिन कोई इसको समझ नही पाया । जब उसने देखा की
Akinchan Das
“A Vaishnav is beyond all material conception. Varnashram is a social structure. Chaitanya Mahaprabhu rejected it and to become a
Vishvambhar Das
Getting True Knowledge
It was clear that my material education could not give solution to my problems, I clearly in need of some
Rupanand Das
मासांहार करने वाले यवनो की उत्पति कैसे हुई?
Akinchan Das
टवीटर पर एक ट्रेंड पिछले कई हफ्तों से चल रहा था , अभी भी इक्का दुक्का खबरे, हलाल के बढ़ते
Akinchan Das
By engaging our tongue in the service of the lord, by chanting his names, tasting only what is first offered
Rupanand Das

Vedic Wisdom

Krishna cannot be achieved by personal endeavor

Krishna is so sublime and transcendental that He cannot be realized by mental speculation or by personal endeavor, education, or material acquisition. He can only be approached and understood clearly by our service attitude, engaging all our senses in His service. Srila Prabhupad’s letter to Purushottam(02 Feb 1968)